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Our main goal is to create a positive impact, help end childhood obesity, and end the school-to-prison pipeline. At Chuckie Miller's Kids Fitness: Say Yes to Life, a 501c3 organization, we're dedicated to educating families about the importance of health and nutrition.

The Need is Immediate
The Effort will be Long-Term

Obesity is an urgent, complex issue and cannot be fought on a short-term basis. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the rates of childhood obesity have doubled in the last 20 years. 

Unhealthy students are less likely to be fully engaged in the academic process. Obesity has also been shown to affect student's academic functioning, particularly during the adolescent years. Students who are overweight tend to lose more school days. Obeast kids also lose the ability to become academically successful because their grades become hindered by absences. Students who are obese may also have a greater likelihood of dropping out of school because of social and physical demands such as cardiovascular and renal disease (diabetes) as well as bullying and subsequent social withdrawals. Obesity is a chronic problem that knows no racial barriers. Obesity is an epidemic affecting all socioeconomic and ethnic groups. The programs at Say Yes to Life will positively impact all groups.


To combat these challenges, Say Yes to Life provides educational training, mentoring, and leadership to ensure improved performance of the local youth.


The programs and opportunities offered at Say Yes to Life serve the youth, ages 5 - 18, of Long Beach and surrounding communities. Those taking part in the program find that the entire family, in fact, benefits from the services offered.

Group of Friends

Building Champions

Another Mission

"Our mission is to end gang violence and empower youth to break the cycle of gang-banging. We achieve this by mentoring and building champions among our community's young individuals, guiding them toward a brighter, violence-free future. Together, we work to create a safer and more prosperous environment for all."

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